After Beth Chapman’s Death, His Son’s Critical Condition after Dogs attack. Is he fine Now?


    It is not an easy phase for the Chapman family. Recently, the family mourned the death of their powerful mother Beth Chapman who was battling cancer. And now, Leland, the son of Duane and Beth is in a critical situation at a hospital. During a manhunt with his father, Leland tore his ACL. Sources have confirmed that the injury is quite serious and he needed surgery for that.


    What Happened?

    Leland was still not recovered from his previous knee injury, and he got another bad wound. He was chasing a fugitive named Edward Morales in Adam’s County, Colorado, while this misfortune fell upon him. He tore his ACL, and it is quite severe.

    The 42-year-old bounty hunter spoke and said that he was taking it easy. At first, he was chasing Morales in a car. He wanted to wait for him in front of the park. But Morales made direct eye contact with Leland. He explained that the alleged was running at the same speed as Leland as the man was exhausted himself.

    After that, Leland decided to run after him.

    The Chase

    Real-Life chases are not at all easy. No one knows what might happen. Leland explained his entire chase and mentioned that it did not go according to his plan. The man closed a gate on Leland, and he went to open it by kicking it. However, while kicking it severed off his Achilles tendon. It was just divided into two parts.

    He could not feel his leg at all. He said, he ” felt like I was walking on sand.”


    Although he was not meant to catch Morales, he helped others in the process by slowing his progress. While the man was trying to jump off the fence, Leland hit him on his butt and his tendon.

    The injury is quite critical, and currently, Leland is admitted to a hospital. However, sources say that he is doing fine now. We hope you get well soon, Leland.