After Jason Statham and John Mayer, Donnie Yen took this ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ to a New Level.


    It has been a year to Kiki Challenge which was started by @theshiggyshow, an Instagram user on June 29th. It became very popular, and many of us gave it a try. Now, there is another ‘Challenge’ becoming very popular among actors and civilians. But we warn you, and it is not everybody’s cup of tea.

    The name of the new challenge is ‘Bottle Cap Challenge.’ In this, you have to do a backspin kick to open the cap of the bottle. John Mayer, singer, after completing the task, challenged Jason Statham to do it. ‘The Transporter’ accepted the challenge and completed it easily. But Hong Kong star, Donnie Yen took it to another level.

    In a video posted by him on his social media account, we saw, he analyzed the position of the bottle and completed the challenge blindfolded. This certainly took the challenge to the level which can be achieved by a few.

    Yen is famous for his role in Ip Man and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story captioned his video. He wrote ‘Chirrut feeling the force + Ip Man’s steady aim + no plastic bottle = the universe strongest.’

    Now it may seem like he will soon debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is also true that we are craving to see the new faces of Marvel’s torchbearer. If Yen bags the role, then we are certain to see great action sequels.