After much Criticism, Netflix edits ’13 Reasons Why’ Suicide Scene


    One of the best and popular drama series is 13 Reasons Why, which can release its third installment anytime soon. Though the series has a considerable fan following people, have raised concern for its suicidal storyline. Concerning this, Netflix has decided to trim a three minutes long graphical scene which showed Hanna taking the extreme step.

    13 Reasons Why Season 3
    13 Reasons Why Season 3

    This step was taken as the third season is going to stream soon in the popular streaming platform, Netflix. This might attract people who have not seen the show earlier. Over the concern of many people, this step was taken so that the new viewers should not have to go through it.

    Earlier when that scene was part of the episode, it attracted much criticism. To this, Netflix added a warning card in the initial of the events. It alerted the viewers that they are going to see rough content ahead.

    When the first season was released of this loved show, numerous researches took place to get the idea of the impact of the show in the society. Recently a study was published by the National Institute of Mental Health which said that after the show was released, there was a rise in the suicide rate.

    It showed that there was 28.9 percent rise in the suicide rate among people in the age group of 10 to 17. This rise was for a month after the release of the show.

    So to stop this criticism to surface again, Netflix has decided better to trim the episode for new viewers.