Alex Rodriguez is Still So Sore After Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party


    Jennifer Lopez had an amazing and epic 50th birthday in Gloria Estefan’s waterfront mansion on Star Island in Miami. The party was insane, the cake was huge, and Jennifer Lopez received a great gift from her fiance. Believe it, the gift from her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez was something impressive that every birthday girl wants.

    But it looks like the enormous party sucked our guy, the former MLB pro and fiance. Alex took an Instagram on Friday that he is still sore from the party after keeping up with the birthday girl for so much time in dancing. The 43-year-old was surprised and confused that how Jennifer Lopez can do this all-dancing thing up, like literally if he could barely stand out one night at the dance. He even questioned who else hated being old.


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    I am so sore from one night of dancing, I don’t know how Jennifer does it! Who else hates getting old?! 👴😂

    A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod) on Jul 26, 2019 at 11:19am PDT

    Alex said he danced for about an hour and seven minutes on the birthday party and later the next day he couldn’t move out of bed. To overcome the physical hangover from the dancing, Rodriguez said that he has been iced, done cryo, got stretched, got a massage, steamed himself and even he spent some relaxing time in a sauna.

    Jennifer Lopez had a show on Thursday night in Miami, the day after birthday night, still see set the stage on fire down in the neighborhood in Miami. Rodriguez added that he has been messed up and drank coffee all day but was astonished to see J Lo killing it on stage like she has been sleeping for 10 hours.

    “Am I the only one that can’t recover anymore?” he joked. “Does it suck to get old or what?” Rodriguez said.