Aliens Showed The Signs That They Exist! A Cell Phone Like Device Found In Austria.


    Is it possible that the theories we heard about aliens came true and accidentally they mistakenly or intentionally left their belongings on earth while leaving? No clue? Well, recently a tablet found in Austria is hinting that there might be a possibility that aliens leave it behind when they traveled the earth in ancient times.

    A Cell Phone Like Device Found In Austria

    Aliens Showed The Signs That They Exist By Leaving a Cell Phone Like Device Behind On Earth. Really?!!
    The Tablet Found in Austria, Image Credit:

    Archaeologists found a cell or cordless phone like a tablet in digging at someplace in Austria. What seems strange is the characters scribbled on it that belongs to Cuneiform. Cuneiform is one of the earliest systems of writing which was invented by the Sumerians. The unusual thing is that the language doesn’t belong to the country in which the tablet was found. Mesopotamia, which is modern-day Iraq in today’s era, is the place where the language found its origin and eventually widely used in the same area.

    The tablet was dated for the ancient time of 13th century BCE, and the Sumerian language etched on it was already there in the Mesopotamia for almost 1000 years.

    Aliens Showed The Signs That They Exist By Leaving a Cell Phone Like Device Behind On Earth. Really?!!
    The Cuneiform Alphabets, Image Credit:

    So, the question comes is why the mobile looking tablet was found somewhere where there are no traces of cuneiform? Austria is not among the nations that were once called Sumer or Mesopotamia like Iran, Iraq, and other countries were.

    Did Aliens Leave It Behind In Real?

    While the experts are working out on different theories to answer this question author, Zecharia Sitchin has something interesting to tell. According to his theory, Anunnaki the aliens of the rumored planet X beyond Neptune named Nibiru left it there. This was when they were creating a Sumerian civilization. As per his beliefs, they tried to introduced the Cuneiform to the cell phone-like device. That is only to find out that it is not their cup of tea.

    Still, we can’t guarantee the theory. It’s still a question that whether the phone was there because of aliens from another planet. Or due to human being’s transportation from one place to another.