Amanda Seyfried Posted an Apology to Arielle Charnas After Slamming About Her Lifestyle


    There’s another celebrity feud rolling through the Internet today that you might want to hear out. So here’s the thing, the fashion blogger and social media influencer, Arielle Charnas took an Instagram and posted a photograph of her in a dark-green colored bikini captioning that she was proud of her body even after two children soon after many people accused Arielle of being tone-deaf.

    What happened?


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    Proud of my body after two kids ?

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    Amanda Seyfried’s apology:

    In some sense, Amanda’s gesture was kind of controversial as people believed that it was not a good idea to pass judgments. And then today the Mean Girl actress has passed down the apology to Arielle after slamming her badly. Arielle, on the other hand, also had hit back Amanda by claiming that she’s being bullied and “punished because I’m thin.”

    Amanda posted a lengthy apology with a picture of a quote by famous poet and writer, Robert Frost. Here, the quotes say Education is the thing to hear out everything without losing mind and self-confidence. She means that she didn’t target only one person but to many who are involved in that questionable messaging. Lastly, she expressed sorry for all the negative things Arielle has been undergoing.


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    To all who feel bullied or thin-shamed during our recent social media discussion: If you know me or are familiar with any of my beliefs or stances you’ll recognize that it isn’t in my character to tear down anyone for “being who they are”. Each of us has the ability and the freedom to say and do as we choose. However, as I’m acutely aware, there’s a price tag for the group of people who find themselves with a platform to stand on. You have to be aware of the message you’re sending and be able to back it up when faced with criticism (not just praise). Hold yourselves accountable instead of using the terms above. The only thing I’d take back is exactly how I started this debate. I desperately wish it hadn’t targeted (or blasted) one person (there are MANY who engage in this questionable messaging) and instead started a cleaner, general conversation. No one needs to tear anyone apart. And I regret that it’s present right now. To the lady in question: I’m sorry for the truly negative feels you’ve endured because of this. Aside from the messy detour? The bigger, important message seems to filtering through and helping a lot of women feel supported. And that’s the name of the game.

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    Arielle hasn’t responded to Amanda Seyfried’s apology till now for that matter.