Amazing! Son Solved His Mother’s Unsolvable Murder Case


    The boy was very young. So the police took his father’s statement. Later on, the boy revealed that his father killed his murder as found a skull in their garden.

    The Beginning Of The Mystery

    The question who killed Bonnie Haim was unanswered from the past twenty years. It became a mystery to solve. This family was living in a ranch house on a peaceful residential street in Jacksonville, Florida. On 7th January 1993, Michael Haim and Bonnie Haim indulged in an argument.

    Michael told police that at 11 pm she left the house and walked out of the house. Leaving their 3years old son. Bonnie’s husband ran after him to look for her, but she was not there.

    Finding Clues

    Aron said, “daddy hurt mummy.” And then he said,” Daddy shot mummy.” But police didn’t believe the toddler. As Aron stated, mummy’s car is in the lake. But that wasn’t true. Michael was still a suspect. But proving his crime without any evidence or proof was impossible. Police took the investigation to the next level.

    After that day, a maintenance worker found Bonnie’s purse containing $1,250 cash in a hotel’s dustbin. Then Bonnie’s car was found in a car parking at the nearest airport.

    Police tried to investigate the clues from every angle. But didn’t find any conclusion. Police tried to find out the case. But didn’t find out anything.

    Between These Investigation Years

    His foster parents adopted Aron. And his childhood memory was fading. But he believed that it is possible that his father killed his mother.

    Michael was still a suspect and left to live Bonnie’s life insurance money. And thought that his secret would remain a secret.

    After Two Decades

    Time passed. The pain didn’t.

    Bonnie’s son Aron is now an adult. And he was digging his backyard with his family member.

    He discovered a plastic bag. It opens suddenly, and a coconut fell out according to him. But then he felt a hole in the coconut and picked it up. When he looked it carefully, he founded eyes and teeth.

    He was scared and called the police immediately. They founded a gun in the plastic bag. He was sure that his mother’s skeleton before DNA reports. And his surety was true.

    It was his mother’s skeleton. It was then proved that the toddler was saying the truth. That his dad killed his mother.

    Justice May Come Late, But It Comes.