Andrew Glennon was the victim of Amber Portwood’s domestic battery


    Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood was taken into custody for possible domestic battery on Friday before 6 AM near Indianapolis.

    Police previously when asked about the victim, they avoided revealing the name due to their protocol reasons, but now it’s confirmed who actually was the sitting duck. Amber Portwood assaulted her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, who was holding their one year child.

    Amber Portwood

    3 AM in the morning, The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were called to the residence of Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon. When the Police confronted the victim, Andrew told that he and his girlfriend were having a sort of disagreement. Regarding the disagreement, Amber subsequently attacked the victim. The victim, Andrew, was holding their one year old child. Amber Portwood, 29, was consequently arrested on the charge of assaulting his boyfriend and taken into custody.

    The Marion Country Prosecutor’s Office is now going to inspect the liability of the charge and take action accordingly. Just in case, the case will be transferred to Indiana Department of Child Services as the child is involved during the assault as the Department anyhow takes the case as the standard procedure if any child is present in any incident.

    For the 29-year-old Teen Mom star, she has put herself into new legal battle as she was involved in a series of legal thing back in time. The star is even suffering from bipolar disorder and depression. Currently she is being held at the processing center. She was in prison for 17 months back in 2013.