Antonie Fuqua is cheating on his wife Lela Rochon? Secret behind it.


    Lela Rochon is an American actress married to Antonie Fuqua, the director in the year 1999. The 55-year-old actress Lela Rochon is known for her work in the movie Waiting to Exhale in 1995, some of her other movies were The Chamber, Knock off and Gang Relaxed, etc.

    The couple was always spotted together happy by the media, and they have two children together named Asia and Brando. But recently they made headlines due to Antonie allegedly “cheating” on his wife.

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    About the case in details

    So, Antonie Fuqua the director of some notable movies like “The Replacement Killer,” “Training Day,” etc. was seen lip-locking with Nicole Murphy. Nicole Murphy is a model, designer, and businesswomen. They went to Naples, Italy 2019 Ischia Global Film and Music Fest. There were no rumors of them dating or being together, but after the pictures of their PDA went viral, there is something. Nicole Murphy was in a two-piece bikini while Fuqua was shirtless near a swimming pool.

    Did they speak about it?

    No, as per the latest source none of them has spoken a word about the matter. But Lela Rochon has left from the social media and people are assuming this is because of the news.

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    What was the social media reaction?

    For the apparent reason, people are shocked and not happy about the matter. They are shaming the director Antonie Fuqua and Nicole Murphy for breaking their hearts. But we never know maybe Lela knows about it, maybe everything was not right as it seemed between the couple. And the other news about Fuqua fathering a child whose mother is unknown is a strong point to doubt that man

    Nicole Murphy is the ex-wife of the actor cum comedian Eddie Murphy, they ended their marriage in 2006, and after that, she dated Michael Strahan and broke up because of busy schedules.