Are We Having A New Donald Trump In Stranger Things 3? Cary Elwes Says No But The Mayor’s Actions Tell Us The Opposite…


    After seeing Mayor Larry Kline in Stranger Things 3, we couldn’t help but imagine him as the US President Donald Trump. Read on to know why.

    Cary Elwes as the sinister Mayor Larry Kline

    As soon as the trailer of Stranger Things 3 was out, the one thing which caught everyone’s attention was the new Mayor in the town- Larry Kline played by ’80s actor Cary Elwes who was seen in the classic “The Princess Bride.” The Mayor’s sign in, as shown in the trailer had a similarity to Trump’s campaign sign.

    Everything about the Mayor reminds us of Trump

    Larry Kline is a corrupt, self-centered and egotistical Mayor of the Indiana town. In an interview, Elwes admitted that after reading about the character, he initially thought that it was inspired by the current President, but the creators of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer aka the Duffer Brothers cleared out that it’s not the case. Later on, Ewes told that Kline happens to be a very self-centered politician, adding that it’s not a comment on the President at all. Well by saying that, he made it one.

    The mayor’s physical appearance with that “orang-ish” makeup again reminds us of Trump although Elwes has denied the similarity in an interview to HuffPost. In the new season, the Mayor has personally taken on the initiative to promote Starcourt shopping mall which has ruined the business of mom-and-pop stores around the town, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in their concerns.

    Kline’s fourth of July fun fair vs. Trump’s fourth of July military parade

    In season 3, the Mayor is planning a Fourth of July Fun Fair to distract the residents of the town much like what Trump planned. But the Duffer Brothers cleared out that the funfair script was written long before the President decided to have a Fourth of July military parade.

    Although the actor and the creators are denying about Kline’s stark similarity to Donald Trump, it’s hard for us not to relate the Mayor to the President. Elwes has told HuffPost that season 3 is more intense, powerful and terrifying than the previous two seasons. Well, if we have such a mayor in the show then what Elwes said is probably true.