Are Zayn and Gigi “Never ever ever, getting back together?”


    This year has been quite a blow to all the shippers out thereafter break of Bieber and Gomez when the widely adored couple, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s split left them in shock.

    Though over the years the two celebrity couple has been on very haywire terms about their relationship, as they kept breaking up and getting back again, as now they have officially announced their split, it can be a tough call for all the Zigi shippers. as both have a history of getting back together, fans still have a hope in their sore heart about them patching up.  the rumors of separation sparked up when Zayn did not show up to support Gigi for her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and subsequently, unfollowed her on Instagram

    Rumors have been called off about Gigi seeing someone else after her break up in November 2018. Though Gigi and Zayn never put a stamp on their breakup news, they were seen together on fewer occasions. recent rumors reveal that Gigi has been seeing her friend Selena Gomez’s ex Samuel Krost. they both were snapped together in march, but Gigi ranted on twitter bashing out media as full of lies. The model called out media saying “If you outlets are going to continue writing headlines every time I’m seen with a friend of male gender then there’s gonna be a lot of unneeded confusion.”

    Zayn and Gigi’s relationship was quite a hassle full of on and off. they started seeing each other in 2015 and since then they have been constantly breaking up and getting back again. though Zayn still shares a good opinion about Gigi as he slammed Twitterati for false speaking about Gigi. in his tweet, he asked people to leave her alone. he wrote that she is the most amazing lady he has ever encountered. These tweets were a ray of hope for the fans who desperately wanted Gigi and Zayn to get back together again, but the latest news seems a  major blow to this hope.


    Zayn and Tyler C from Bachelorette have been seen interested in each other lately, as they started following each other on Instagram. social media platform can be quite deceptive when it comes to interpretations as few fans noticed that Zayn started following Gigi again on Instagram; good news to soar ears. but it doesn’t imply that they are getting back together, as it can only be interpreted as they both are on friendly terms now.

    For now, it can only be said that this break up seems the last call and Zigi are doing complete justice to swift’s song ” we are never getting back together.”