Area 51 whats the fuss about? Alien Found?


    What is Area 51?

    Now for those who don’t know Area 51 is a military base of United States Air Force located in Lincoln Country Nevada 83 miles from Las Vegas. The base has been a spot for many controversies regarding secret weapon making, making Aliens hostage and using them for experiments. Its original name is Groom lake according to the Central Intelligence Agency. The Officials had been silent about the base until 2013 when according to an act of 2005 called Freedom of Information Act obliged them to open about the secrecy.

    Image Credits: The vintage news

    Storm Area 51 petition

    For the past few days, Area 51 is all over the internet, with memes, posts, etc. So it started with a post by a page, the job was first in a joking manner but unexpectedly took turn when people started taking it seriously. The post said “ lets storm Area 51, see them aliens” further added they will run like naruto so that the officials can’t fire bullets on them. Naruto is a fictional character of Anime Series and by running like him means running with arms outstretched backwards.
    Over 6,00,000 people signed the petition, and they even planned to meet Nevada and enter at 3 am. And within no time Memes mocking them filled the Internet.


    Image Credits: live science

    What was the official’s statement?

    The Air Force Spokesperson Laura Mc Andrews released a warning statement stating that “ the United States Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets” and “ Area 51 is an open training range for the United States Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces”. This indicates they definitely won’t consider any such activity.

    While lakhs of people were supporting to invade the restricted area, there were also people who claimed this to be nothing but a stupid idea.