Ariana Grande comes out against photographers misusing power, Sexually assaulting?


    Ariana Grande has come out strongly against photographers who make models feel uncomfortable. She has called out other models artists and anyone and everyone to look out for each other.

    If you don’t know why Ariana Grande spoke out against some photographers, then read ahead. She criticised the photographers who use their power for malicious intent. According to her Instagram story, She came across some shopping and heartbreaking accounts of other models. Wondering what these accounts are? On July 22nd, fashion watchdogs Diet Prada shared an Instagram exchange between Marcus Hyde and Sunnaya Nash.No need to sweat if you don’t know who they are. Most of you might be knowing Hyde, who is a celebrity photographer and favourite of Ariana Grande and Kardashians. However, Sunday Nash is a young model and a student who’s looking for an opportunity to break into the modelling world. The Instagram exchange between the two started when Hyde posted an image to his Instagram story asking if anyone wanted to shoot with him.

    Nash replied to this story and was immediately regretting it. Hyde responded by saying that he would charge her for the photoshoot unless she sends him nude photos of herself in advance. Diet Prada called out Grande and Kardashians to speak out against their go-to photographer. This was when Grande spoke out against such conduct my professional photographers.

    Even though she specifically didn’t name Hyde in her story, she did address the issue in a lengthy message. She was extremely sorry that something like this happened and continues to happen in this day and age. She requested people to take care of each other and said that there are many respectful, excellent, talented photographers out there.