Armie Hammer Is Trending because his son sucking his feet


    Armie Hammer posted a video that took over twitter like a wildfire. While usually, that’s a good sign but in this case, it’s not so.

    The Call Me By Your Name actor was amidst an intense hailstorm of criticism and outrage. The actor got into trouble after posting a video of his young son sucking on his toes. The actor also wrote that it happened for a “solid 7 minutes.”He also added the hashtag, “footfetishonfleek.” It was not long after that twitter started filling up with comments criticizing Armie Hammer.

    The short video posted on twitter saw Hammer’s son sucking on his toes while his wife can be heard saying this is not normal. The footage was seemingly filmed by the wife whose voice could be heard very close to the camera. People had varied thought’s on the post with most of them feeling gross or angry after seeing the video and the caption. Some people stood with the actor against the majority and supported him.

    As of now, there has been not any response or reply from the couple’s side on the video and people’s reaction towards the video. However, they did not shy away from documenting a family day on social media on Saturday. The couple got married in 2010 and are parents to a cute 4-year-old daughter Harper

    Here’s how Twitter responded to the video.

    A twitter user said that his first mistake of the day was to find out why Armie Hammer was trending.

    Another user said he did not bother to research more after knowing why Armie Hammer was trending.