ASAP Rocky arrested for allegedly ‘assaulting’ local men in Sweden


    The American rapper, ASAP Rocky had been arrested. According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, last week, ASAP Rocky, his bodyguard and two others of his team got involved in a fight with a pair of men.

    Some footages were filmed by witnesses. However, these footages did not contain any dialogue between ASAP Rocky, his team and the young men.

    Rocky posted a few videos of this incident on Instagram. In the first video, it shows that Rocky and his security guard, are asking the young men to stop following them. Rocky captioned the video clip: “SO A FEW DRUG ADDICTS ARE NOT MY FANS , WE DON’T KNOW THESE GUYS AND WE DIDNT WANT TROUBLE , THEY FOLLOWED US FOR 4 BLOCKS , AND THEY WERE SLAPPING GIRLS BUTTS WHO PASSED , GIVE ME A BREAK.”


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    In his second video, the security guard is seen requesting the men a number of times, not to follow Rocky and his crew. The men also attacked Rocky’s security guard with a pair of headphones. Rocky clarifies that he and his crew wanted the men to leave them alone. A woman who cannot be seen in the video said that the men had groped her and her friend.

    TMZ, have posted another video which shows, four men, including ASAP Rocky, got engaged in a fight with the men. However, the videos which were shared by Rocky on Instagram could be prior to the incident.

    ASAP Rocky performed at Stockholm’s Smash Festival on 2nd of July 2019. After his performance, Rocky was arrested.

    Rocky has been kept under “24/7 solitary confinement,”. A petition has been launched by Rocky’s manager John Ehmann. He urges the Swedish government to release Rocky and his crew under the act of self-defense.

    Eminent musicians and rappers have taken a stand and canceled all programs in Sweden until ASAP Rocky gets released.