“Attack on Titan” confirms Season 4 to be the finale season. Is this true???


    The world came crashing by for amine fans when this news was officially announced…..

    Yes… It is true that Season 4 is going to the last season of Attack on Titan. It is extremely unfortunate for amine lovers but we can’t help it. After all, makers have the power to make such a decision.

    Though their decision to end Attack on Titan is rather surprising. Attack on Titan is doing wonderful and fans really love the series. Also the series is getting good ratings and stands in the race for becoming the most loved amine animation series.Then why are makers shutting the show??? Why are they ending it with just 4 seasons??

    To these questions we don’t have any answer from the production team. Still we are assuming that may be the writers lack good story plot or there may be some kind of discrepancy between the producers.

    Fans don’t need to worry… They can enjoy their favorite series till 2020. Season 4 will be on air in mid-2020. So that continues to be a ray of hope for fans. We pray that makers change this decision and let the audience enjoy some more seasons of Attack on Titan.

    As of now, the second part of Season 3 is on air. The last episode of Season went on air on 30 June. The first part of Season 3 aired in 2018 which is continued by the next half out this year. Initially, the show started in 2013. It revolves around the lives of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. It shows their journey and their fight with Titans to save mankind. Overall it is an interesting fantasy series.

    What do you think about this announcement ??? Comment down below your opinion. Stay tuned for more such latest updates.