Audrina Patridge talked about her Struggles of Being a ‘Single Mom’ amid Divorce


    Divorce is painful, indeed, but being a single parent adds to the pain. With respect to this Audrina Patridge opened up to share her struggles and how she is managing to be a single mom for her three-year-old daughter Kirra.

    audrina patridge

    Audrina Patridge married to Corney Bohan in 2016, but unfortunately, the relationship did not last long. She filed for splitting up just after ten months after their marriage. According to her, the reason was of a violent outburst by Bohan. This was painful for her to bear, and hence she decided on splitting up.

    Audrina Patridge shared more in an interview with People magazine in which she mentioned that her life is different now. While she married to him, she said that she was young and was experiencing and learning new things in life. She continued by saying that she is now a lot wiser which she was used to.

    Amid mental pressure and struggle, Audrina Patridge is willing to find the best course for her daughter so that the toddler is not affected. She also hinted us that she wants to solve things with Corney so that they can eventually be friends and not have animosity between us.

    Now, after all these, she has said that her daughter will be her top priority, and with her, she will begin a new chapter of her life. Expressing her love for her child, she said, “My little girl is my pride and joy, and she literally is like an angel sent from God. I could cry. I love her so much.”