Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes Makes Fans Laugh And Cry Again, You Should Watch it Again Too.


    Avengers Endgame became the worlds highest grossing movie just after two months since it came out. Marvel Studios released the cuts that didn’t make the movie and fans were pissed at Marvel.


    Marvel always keeps thigs in its arsenal, and since Endgame was special, it’s cut scenes were even more special. Tony and Pepper’s domestic life was in a cut scene. It showed how much happy they were in their marriage and showed how were they with each other. Since everyone knows that they love each other very much, this scene was cut down.

    Another thing we get is Rocket laughing at the Avengers for taking so much time in fighting 2012 war with Chitauri. Rocket says that Chitauri is the suckiest army. The threat of Chitauri army returned in Avengers Endgame, so Rocket just saying that they are nothing diminishes the value of end scene.

    Next one is a funny scene with Rhodey and Captain America. Rhodey starts questioning about Cap’s sacrifice. He starts giving out many choices to cap to do instead of crashing the plane with himself. This scene was probably cut because of Captain’s decision in first place help set up Endgame’s ending.

    The emotional scene which gets us is Tony and His father Howard’s reunion. Tony talks to his father in length and Howard gives Tony a job, but he denies. This scene shows that Tony finally got the validation from his father, which was everything for him. This was cut because the theatrical version delivered the emotions very well too.

    The best cut scene which made fans getting angry soo much was after Tony’s snap. After Tony’s snap, every warrior, leader or even gods kneel before a mortal. Doctor Strange kneel downed and had the most guilty look as he knew that his sacrifice was inevitable. These cut scenes make sense as to why they were cut as they made story insignificant in one way or another.