Baker Mistakes “Moana” Themed Birthday Cake To “Marijuana”


    This can be one of the most hilarious mistakes done by a baker in history when a “Moana” themed cake request was mistaken for “Marijuana”.

    The birthday cake mix-up

    Some of us might have faced disappointment when the birthday cake we ordered was less than what we had expected. But what happened to the birthday cake of a Georgia woman was a different story altogether and might I say a hilariously different story. The lady shared the incident via her Facebook account on July 2.

    Kensli Taylor Davis was soon having her 25th birthday and to celebrate her daughter’s special day, her mother ordered her a Moana cake from the local bakery. Moana is a character based on the 2016 Disney animated movie and it was Kensli’s favorite Disney character. Davis wrote on the Facebook post that her mama had called and ordered her a cake telling them (the bakery) how much she loved Moana because she really did.

    Moana to Marijuana

    But what they haven’t expected was to get a marijuana-themed birthday cake. Moana and Marijuana! Try saying these two words and you will find that they do appear a bit similar in hearing. And that was what happened to the baker who due to a communication breakdown misheard marijuana for Moana and prepared the drug-themed birthday cake.

    Despite the mistake, the cake was artistically beautiful

    The green and white decorated cake was made with a big cannabis leaf made on one side of the cake. It also had a cute little green-colored pony with bloodshot eyes and puffing smoke. A small cannabis leaf was also tattoed on her haunch. The cake was decorated with white and green colored icing.

    The mix-up didn’t lessen Kensli’s birthday fun and the family even enjoyed the cake. Davis wrote on the post that the ice cream cake was still good though. The picture on Facebook went viral as soon as Davis posted it having around 1.7 K likes and 12K shares.