Bella Thorne is not bisexual, she is pansexual!


    Bella Thorne isn’t bisexual. She is actually pansexual! She confirms the news.

    She was not aware of her sexuality
    Many years back using Twitter as the medium of expression Bella Thorne revealed about her sexuality: she said she was bisexual.

    This former Disney star has now described her sexuality further. During an interview with ABC’s Good Morning, America Bella Thorne told she is no longer a bisexual. She confessed, “I am actually a pansexual, and I did not know that.”

    She also added that you like what you, it doesn’t have to be a she, or he, or this, or that. A pansexual person is attracted to people of any gender.Bella thorne

    She is not the only one
    Yes, she is not the single star who has publicly accepted themselves as pansexual. Miley Cyrus to has accepter her sexuality in public, in 2016. She is also a pansexual. Even the show star of “Orange Is the New Black” Asia Kate Dillon has publicly announced her sexuality as non-binary. Recently Thorne posted her nudes online because a hacker forced her to do so.

    She in the past has had relations with men and women both. Currently, she is in a long-distance relationship with Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo. She said, “I like sexy girls. I like sexy boys. I like sexy in general, you know?”

    It is good to see more actors coming out to share with the world their sexual orientation. This empowers, motivates people of different genders.