Beyoncé brings Blue Ivy as her date to The Lion King premiere; released a new single “Spirit”


    Beyoncé and Blue Ivy sported the matching look and left the crowd stunned. They added sparkles to the Lion King premiere.

    What Beyoncé Wore?
    Beyoncé was chosen to promote the movie, Lion King. The 37-year-old singer brought her daughter to the premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday night. She wore Alexander McQueen’s men’s blazer laden with jewels, and Ivy wore a matching outfit as well. Beyoncé wore a very pretty long tulle skirt. She topped it all up with a bunch of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a curl slicked to her forehead. She looked sleek.

    The Supporters
    Jay Z was there to support his wife. Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland were also there to support the star. Beyoncé brought her sweetheart for luck to Lion King’s premiere. His seven-year-old famous child wore a bejeweled tuxedo. Just like her mom, she wore her hair in braids. She made space buns and looked adorable, like always. Ivy wrapped her buns with two sparkling bands.Beyoncé and Blue Ivy at the Lion King Premiere

    The Surprise
    Beyoncé did exactly what she is good at; she surprised the crowd by dropping a single from the movie’s soundtrack. The song name is Spirit. It will be featured in one of the albums called as The Lion King: The Gift. She voices Nala in the movie. Donald Glover, he voices Simba. Glover sings “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” with Beyoncé. Other stars are Seth Rogen (Pumba), Billy Eichner (Timon), James Earl Jones (Mufasa), John Oliver (Zazu) and many more.