Bianca Devins’ murder images spread online after the killer posted it.


    A Man posted the images of the body of a 17-year-old online after killing her. He has been charged for the murder of the teenage girl. The man was identified as Brandon Clark whereas the adolescent girl was identified as Bianca Devins.

    The police got the news about the killing after getting a call from users on the messaging app discord. A person had uploaded an image of a lifeless young woman whose throat had a deep cut. Police started receiving calls about the pictures around 7:20 a.m. when Mr. Clark contacted 911 report the crime that he had committed. Officers were able to track the request and find Brandon Clark. They saw him at the end of a dead-end road. He stabbed himself in the neck with the knife when one all the officers tried to approach him. Clark then laid on top of a green tarp where he took a selfie with Bianca Devins’ body before offices took him into custody.


    The photos of the crime and the moments before it was posted on Discord and what appeared to be Clark’s Instagram account, @yesJuliet. A photo of a dark road was posted on the account with the caption, ‘here comes the hell,” followed by a picture of the 17-year old’s blooded upper torso.

    According to the police, the pair met on Instagram around two months ago before their relationship progressed into a personal intimate one. They had even met with each other’s family and went to a concert together in New York on Saturday night. Police revealed that Clark took the drastic step after the pair got into an argument on the drive back to Utica.

    The horrifying pics of the crime were distributed widely on sites like 4chan, Discord, and Instagram. Instagram and other social media websites are currently struggling to remove all the pics of the crime.