Big little lies being renewed for season 3? New Famous Character revealed


    Big little lies season 3

    Big little lies had been one of the most loved American drama series ruling our heart from more than two years. Now as the second season ended, there is already a demand for the renewal of the third season. And with that came a lot of questions and ideas.
    Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger that whether they are surrendering, the lie they tried to cover so hard throughout the series, is it the end?  Will the cast be the same? Fans are going crazy with curiosity. The writer said it’s a great idea, but everyone is on a busy schedule, so it is a little tricky to bring the stars together, even the kids. But they will try their best. Let us do a small recap of last two seasons.

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    Season 1

    Season 1 starts with the introduction to the five ladies life-ending into connecting each other. Perry played by Alexander was an abusive partner of Celeste played by Nicole Kidman. They ladies start with a rough friendship but end up keeping a big secret when they kill Perry on defense. Meanwhile, Jane, played by Shailene, also finds out that her rapist was none other than Perry disguised as some other man. It premiered on February 19, 2017.

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    Season 2

    It aired on June 9, 2019. After season 1 where everything seemed to be settled, and everyone started moving on, the twist came when Perry’s mother Mary Louis arrived played by Meryl Streep. She firstly supported Celeste but was always poking into the matter how her son died. During the time we see the friendships taking turns still standing with each other. In the last episode on 21 July 2019, we see Celeste finally winning the custody of her child against Mary.

    Looking at all the possibilities, season 3 is not near it will take time. But hopefully, it will be worth the wait.