Billionaire Wedding? Dasha Zhukova and Stavros Niarchos, How Beautiful.


    Dasha Zhukova and Stavros Niarchos have tied the knot; they are now both engaged. The couple is scheduled to marry later this year.


    In Zhukova birthday bash he received a lot of good wishes from his friends. Dasha separated with her billionaire ex after ten years, and the separation was mutual. Later the year she was seen with Stavros at the art gallery and some other places. It was later revealed that they have been friends for a long time and have started spending time together. Nothing better than long-time friends falling in love with each other.

    Dasha also told that between her ex there is no hate or anything. She says that he has seen her a million times. The couple was latest seen at the Wyoming wedding of supermodel  Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner. The rumor that the couple was dating started back in January last year when Stavros spent new year eve with her friends.

    They have been showing up on events together frequently since 2016. Starvos also needs to prepare himself for some fatherhood because it is going to get real. When the couple was started to be seen at the parties together, guests commented that they behaved as lovers, not as friends. Blasberg also posted a photo of Zhukova and Niarchos together, as he and the couple enjoyed a Super Bowl Sunday dinner.

    Niarchos posed with his mother on the red carpet while Zhukova kept things private. At a rare moment, they were seen together in Moscow at the spring exhibition season at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The two have also said that they committed to raising the kids along. When the couple is going to marry is still unknown, but the dates should arrive by winters.