Billy Eichner the comedian as Timon in The Lion King 2019 Promote LGBTQ Characters


    The Lion King CGI remake

    “The Lion King” is one the favorite animated movie of all time from kids to adults everyone was waiting for the CGI Disney remake in 2019. The story, characters everything is the same except the voice-over artists, the makers appointed great artists such as Donald Glover for Simba, Beyonce for Nala, Seth Rogen for Pumbaa, Billy Eichner for Timon and some others. The movie released on 19th July in India and people is loving it.

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    Billy Eichner as Timon

    The character Timon is itself interesting and kind of attitude that breaks the seriousness and tension in the movie. And Billy Eichner the comedian had the opportunity to voice for the iconic character, the reason why apart from the main character Simba, Timon made a standout is because of the add on’s by Billy.

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    As Seth Rogen kept Pumbaa more or less the same as the animated movie, Eichner made Timon a little for energetic, loud, quirky, and all the transformation anyone would love. The character Timon is a tiny Meerkat, which makes him smaller is that his partner Pumbaa who is enormous enough. Their pair has always been shipped as great friends.

    More into Timon’s Character

    Timon is that friend who will take credit of your good ideas, and roast you all over. Billy justifies the character fully by his voice modulation and some dialogues like “ Now his problems are our problems?” “ So how are you.. in a few words as possible” “ Let me make this simple: life is meaningless.”

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    What does Billy Eichner have to say about it?

    Billy Eichner was excited about the work since the beginning and who wouldn’t want to star in the all-time favorite movie. He had been full into the promotions and events about it. And was overwhelmed by response he got.