Boris Johnson Becomes UK New Prime Minister? What Will Happen Now? Changes and Updates.


    Boris Johnson wins the election for UK Prime Minister and replaces the previous Prime Minister Theresa May.


    Boris Johnson describes his vision for the country, says that he will unite the whole country. His speech also focused that he will deliver Brexit and energize the country. Boris is described as a committed and yet an uncertain politician. The previous Prime Minister congratulated Boris and gave a happy and positive response. May tweeted that Johnson has her full support from the back.

    Brexit takes up a serious discussion in the UK parliament. Many ministers have said that they will resign to fight any push for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Economist fears that this is gonna take Britain into recession. A strong point in Boris speech was that he could renegotiate with the EU.

    Boris campaign slogan was “Deliver, Unite, Defeat,” it has a bad acronym, so he added an “E,” which stands for “Energise.” The Labour party describes Boris as the dude who will defend bankers and super-rich. One of the greatest task for a UK prime minister now would be Brexit. His tenure will be known by how he will tackle the problem of Brexit.

    President Trump tweeted over the victory of Johnson. Johnson will take over the seat by Wednesday after an elaborate ritual. Boris Johnson has won by a lot of votes, so it shows that most of Britain agree with his plan. The ministers who oppose Brexit certainly do opposes Boris methodology.

    Mr. Boris victory does bring an unconventional minister in the cabinet. He is famous within his party, and his party members refer to him as an electoral asset. His supporters say that he can change the tide of Brexit and bring over new opportunities with that.