Bottle Cap Challenge: Justin Bieber continues his rivalry with Tom Cruise.


    If you are a social media addict then you must be well aware of “BOTTLE CAP CHALLENGE”. Internet is very good at accepting such challenges. Recently this Bottle Cap Challenge was introduced and with in no time it turned viral….

    This June 25, a Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin started this on instagram. Farabi then nominated other action superstars and this is how the challenge gained popularity.

    It has become quite famous in Hollywood and Bollywood both. In short it is dominating the entire world. From common man to celebrities every one is in love with this challenge. But if you are still wondering what this challenge is exactly about???? Lets make it simple.

    It just challenges the participant to remove the bottle cap which is loosely fixed on the bottle. But here the twist is one needs to uncap it with a single round kick. Sounds interesting!!!! Evokes a martial artist feeling!!!!

    Following the trend, Justin Bieber on July 7 accepted this challenge. He went shirtless and performed the challenge with full accuracy. We must say the 25 year old singer nailed the challenge.

    He uploaded the video on instagram and fans really appreciated his round kick. But something else other than the challenge gained attention. Justin was quite aggressive in the video and he kick the bottle cap assuming it to be Tom Cruise’s head. Shocking!!!! Is Justin really up for a fight with Cruise??? Later he nominated his wife and Tom for this challenge. Sadly, Tom is not present on Instagram. So we are waiting for his response…..

    Early last month, Justin openly challenged Cruise for a fight. Apparently he is ready to go for a physical fight. But why so??? Why is this animosity even there??? Drop your views down in the comment section!!!