Boys Are Back: Season 2 Packed With More Story And Action, Reason you Should Watch it.


    The Boys season1 introduced all the main characters and the plot was set too. Now Season 2 is here to step it up. Season 1 ended with the revelation that Vought has been creating the “supes” all along. The end of season 1  with Billy’s wife who was presumed dead, was alive and was raising a child.


    The cast for season 2 will be same as season 1 as the plot had already introduced everyone. Elisabeth Shue’s Stillwell is gone now and Aya Cash will be joining the Boys as Stormfront. Season 2 is set to release with our new cast in late 2020 or early 2021. Amazon announced season 2 even before season 1 was aired, it shows that Amazon has trust in this series. Since season 2 was announced so early on it could contain more episodes.

    The season 1 cliffhanger deviates significantly from the comics. This step shows that season 2 could be very different from the comics. The revelation of Billy’s wife is big and that she is raising a Homelander’s son. Billy has found the person whose disappearance which pushed his trust against superheroes. The heroes are sure to have more power than before and more experience in controlling their power.

    In season 1 we do not get to see all five together and kicking asses so at least season 2 will be different. Season 1 explored the characters personal trait and their personality in a good manner. It created the base for the second season and even more seasons to come. Season 2 will also focus on how our heroes fight together and learn to be in a team.

    In future episodes, it will be a thing to see how society will accept the heroes. The heroes could enter the U.S Military.  Season 2 will show more of the Boys action and the things which they do best.