Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston might be secretly dating each other


    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s days as a couple ended a long time ago. But now that they’re both single again, Aniston after her split from Justin Theroux and Pitt after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, rumours of them getting back together have begun to surface every now and then. And while some of us sit tight and hope for a possible reunion, let us take you on the journey across their love story.

    Get. Set. Go


    Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston went on their first date. They tried their best to keep it a secret, but well… We may have had no Instagram then, but the Internet was still the place where news travels fast.

    September 1999

    For Hollywood star couples, their red carpet debut together is a right of passage. And for Pitt and Aniston, it took place at the 1999 Emmy Awards, ft. Brad’s sunglasses.

    November 1999

    The couple took the stage of a New York City concert by surprise, to flaunt their engagement rings and giddy smiles. A couple in love and that quick is every romantic’s fantasy.

    July 2000

    The 29th of July witnessed a surreal wedding ceremony in Malibu, attended by fireworks and a hungry press among others.

    November 2001

    Brad Pitt made a guest appearance on FRIENDS Season 8 as a character who hates Jen’s character Rachel. Looks like it was finally time for Aniston’s husband to take part in the  “this is everyone” FRIENDS introduction ritual.


    May 2004

    There was some trouble in paradise, or so it seems. Pitt met Angelina Jolie while filming Mr and Mrs Smith, and fell in love with her, or thus she described later. They reportedly came to “mean something more” than just friends to each other by the end of the shoot, something that they gave “a lot of serious consideration” to.

    January 2005

    The couple officially split with a joint statement. Was the cause of Angelina Jolie? Still unclear.

    October 2005

    The divorce is done with, and it’s for real. Whoops.


    Well, they could decide to kindle their romance again. There’ve been rumors of them talking, texting and reminiscing about the past, but will it ever really happen? What do you think?