Brandon Jenner Is Tired Of His Last Name? What Is Going on in the world?


    Brandon Jenner says that he is tired of his last name. Bruce Jenner’s son Brandon Jenner will always stand out due to his last name, and he is tired of this.


    Brandon explains his experience having the last name Jenner when he was a kid. He says that when he was a kid whenever anyone stopped him, and if they got to know his last name, they would shake his hand. Jenner says that it felt a real sense of pride as a kid.

    Brandon is now a musician, but now he struggles with his last name. The singer explains that now people take him on anything because of his last name. Brandon explains that people give him a chance based on his name rather than on his music.

    This shows that Brandon is the type of guy to earn his success through hard work and not using his name. He says that he wants people to give him his reward based on his song, not on his name. Brandon explains that this is why he is ashamed of his last name. Kylie and Kendall, as well as all the Kardashian sister, supports Brandon’s music carrier “very much.”

    Bradon says that the greatest singers have faced some struggles in their life. He says that he also has faced struggles like any other in his level just in a different way on an emotional level. Brandon has always been struggling for him to find a foot in the music industry because of his name. Having the last name of a celebrity personality, sure is a great struggle.