Britney Spears was almost Noah’s Allie. Let’s check out what was the exact story ?


    When we talk about the love stories and romantic films, we all without even giving a second thought tend to take the name “The Notebook.”

    Well, recently the movie celebrated it’s 15 years of romance and love. The fans celebrated 15 years of Noah and Allie.

    With this celebration, a little unknown fact came out to shock everyone out there. Rachel McAdams really proved herself and beat really good actresses for the part. According to the reports, she only had some couple of hours to prepare for an audition, but to everyone else surprise she nailed it her audition and got the role.
    For the audition, Britney also gave an audition for the same role and almost played, Allie.

    While talking to Entertainment Tonight back in 2005, Gosling said, before Britney’s screen-test we already met with a lot of actresses, and they were all good. According to the sources, Ashley Judd, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon were also recommended for the role.
    It’s been quite long I haven’t seen her since she was 12. Well we both are 12 so she’s a grown-up now but she was really good and she really did a nice job. She did an excellent job, he added.
    When asked, to McAdams she said, “no doubt Britney would have done a great job!” I’m sure it would have been a totally different movie, but I was fortunate enough to play Allie.

    Back in 2001, Britney in an interview, in which she indirectly told about her excitement about the project! She did not mention the name of the film, but she did say it was a love story.

    Well, we are still in awe of the film and we will always be. It never faded away and it never will.