BTS Jimin’s Fans Concerned Over His Health As They Saw Medical Tape On His Back

    Image Credit: Instagram

    BTS (Behind the sea) or also known as Bangtan boys recently on 6th and 7th of July had their back to back concerts in Osaka, Japan. The shows were to celebrate their Lights/boy with LUV Japanese album. ARMY was enjoying the concert as usual with high energies until they found something wrong with Jimin (V Taehyung).

    The ARMY noticed medical tape around his upper back, lowers back and chest. On this, neither of the group nor management company spoke openly. Big Hit Entertainment said that this is due to stress and continuous rehearsals.

    With the very beginning of the year, the group is full of enthusiasm. With their narrative voice and sensational dance move, the group rules the heart of their fans all over the world who calls themselves as BTS ARMY.

    Everyone is sending them blessings and love. One of the fans said that “we know you want to give us the best guys, but you are already the best. There is no need to prove it or to go against your body. We are your ARMY, and we are like a family who supports each other. We love you and please take proper rest and get well super soon”.


    The boys are soon going for their mandatory service in upcoming years. Jin will be the first one to go in the year 2020. Suga in 2022, RM and J Hope in 2023 and Jimin in 2024 for two years each. Before that, they do want to perform best together, no wonder they had pressure. The K idols are popular among the youth, and every year, many new groups are forming.

    To maintain the fandom, it is hard, and thus, they do lots of practice and tries to give a new trend. The BTS boys win the heart of every person with their talent and are famous for their sexy looks.

    They are having rest for one week as after that they have two days concert on 13 and 14. After this, they will have a long rest as per their schedule.

    Jimin had injuries in the past, too in the same region. In November 2017 during the concert in Macau, China he suffered shoulder pain and neck Flare. Also recently in 2018, he suffered severe muscle pain in his back.

    Now, this is the thing to worry about why Jimin is regularly suffering all these. Is there anything serious? The ARMY is getting serious over it and is waiting for the news from the boys and hoping for good news.