Caitlyn Jenner is really disappointed with her son’s views about their relationship.


    There’s always a different family feud between the celebrities family and now, The Hills: New Beginnings star, Brody Jenner, 35, and his Dad, Caitlyn Jenner, 69, who transitioned to a woman in 2015.

    These father and son duo doesn’t have much of relationships these days. There was this episode of The Hills: New Beginnings where famous stars including Brody, Myles (son of Shaquille O’Neal), Chase McQueen ( Steve McQueen’s grandson), and Brandon Lee (the son Tommy Lee) were discussing about a topic related how was life growing up with such famous and celebrity dads.

    Brody Jenner opened up about the relationship with his Dad, Bruce Jenner. He told that his father wasn’t too much or maybe close with him in his growing years. Back before, Bruce transitioned himself to a woman in 2015; Brody admitted that he was getting to know and understand his father, but Bruce to Caitlyn thing happened. It was great, and she was awesome, but Brody claims not to expect much from his retired Olympic Gold medalist athlete Dad.

    Soon after this event happened, sources claimed that Caitlyn doesn’t feel the same way. She always wanted to connect with and spend some worthy time with her son, but the fact is Brody doesn’t have much free time. After hearing, sources claim that Caitlyn Jenner was left hurt confused and disappointed all at the same time. She loves her son and can do anything to smooth the troubled relationship.

    For instance, Caitlyn other kids don’t feel the same way as Brody. Brandon Jenner, 38, told that the relationship was really great and they were more closer than ever.