Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes seen holding hands & hugging, Does this confirms their dating rumor


    The American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello has found a new person in her life. It seems, the young and beautiful singer is dating Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. The “Senorita” singers can’t stop falling for each other.

    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were spotted in Los Angeles on Sunday. They were joined by Shawn’s sister Aaliyah and mother Karen. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s family were out for brunch. Both were spotted hugging and holding hands.

    On 3rd of July, the couple was spotted holding hands in West Hollywood. They were again spotted a day later, on the event of Fourth of July.

    Recently, Shawn Mendes was quizzed by one of his fans. The fan was curious to know whether Shawn was dating Camila Cabello. She asked Shawn during a Q&A session at his Los Angeles concert, “Are you dating Camila?” Mendes shook his head. The fan continued, “And if not, will you go out with me?” Shawn reacted, saying, “That was the best setup to ‘Will you go out with me’ I’ve ever heard.” He continued by saying, “I won’t, but I don’t know you. That’s why. Get to know me first.”

    Previously, Camila dated Mathew Hussey. He is a dating coach and author. The two met on the sets of “Today” in February last year. Camila and Mathew fell in love immediately. However, Camila and Mathew decided to end their 18 months old relationship.

    Camila Cabello has released a music video. She collaborated with singer, Shawn Mendes. The name of the music video is “Senorita.”

    In this music video, both Camila and Shawn played the role of lovers, who were dancing and expressing their love. The music video indicated to the fans about Camila and Shawn’s new relationship. Fans believe that they are more than just friends. In 2015, Camila and Shawn released a song together, named “ I Know What You Did Last Summer.” During that time, there were speculations about their relationship, though both of them denied.

    Mendes and Cabello, are in love and can’t stop praising each other all the time.