Camila Cabello’s Split with Matthew Hussey was Heartbreaking, Angry at Fans for Making Rumors.


    Camila Cabello, who recently released an earworm called “Señorita” with Shawn Mendes, is going through a rough patch in life following her breakup with Matthew Hussey.

    Who is Matthew Hussey?

    Matthew Hussey is a 32-year-old British dating coach with a considerable celebrity network and fans following. He is known for charging an astronomical 10K an hour for his sessions. He has also published a book called Get the Guy: Use the Secrets of the Male Mind to Find, Attract and Keep Your Ideal Man. Little to nothing is known about his relationship history save for Camila Cabello.

    Matthew Hussey Camila Cabello Breakup Split
    Matthew Hussey

    Señorita in Distress

    Cabello and Hussey met for the first time in September 2017. They have refrained from commenting about their relationship to the media although they smiled for the cameras and appeared at events together.

    Not too long ago, articles claiming that their relationship was in trouble surfaced. Their claims turned out to be true. Cabello and Hussey have broken up, and the former seems to have taken it badly.

    Camila Cabello Matthew Hussey Breakup Split
    Camila Cabello

    Her fans took it upon themselves to administer justice as they saw fit: they took to Instagram to sully Hussey. Contrary to being pleased, Cabello was devastated, and she made it known that she disapproved. She asked her fans to let the matter rest and not to hurt and abuse the “sacred things” in her life: the people she loves.

    On the Brighter Side

    Camila’s relationship with Matthew might not have been made to last, but she’s still young, and there’s still time for her to meet people and fall in love. One popular worthy candidate for her affection happens to be young Shawn Mendes who collaborated with her on “Señorita.” Sparks were flying between them in the music video.