Cardi B gets an “Offset” tattoo as a tribute to their love


    Cardi B is in deep love with her husband Offset. She shows it off to the world by getting a tattoo.

    Cardi B got Offset’s name inked
    Cardi broke the news she got her love inked. Her relation with Offset was very upset. Thinks do go wrong just to get back to right. She paid tribute to their relationship by getting inked “Offset” on her leg. She is not scared to show off her love for her baby’s father.

    Offset took a screenshot of their video call in which Cardi was showing the tattoo to him. Offset posted, “Can’t wait to get home”.

    He loves his wife dearly and appreciates her surprises. This is not the first time that they have used art as a medium to show their lives to the world. Offset has a Buttercup tattoo on his neck with Cardi B written on it.

    Their marriage is stronger than before
    Their marriage has begun with a beautiful start, and Cardi B took no time to solidify it further. Kulture’s parents are fully committed to each other now and that is evident from their permanent tattoos. Kulture is a beautiful child born to this beautiful couple.

    Cardi B and Offset are not just amazing business partners, but parents as well. Maybe Kulture is culturing their relation more day by day. We hope that this beautiful family stays together.