Cardi B honoured her Husband Offset, by a Tattoo of his name on her thigh!


    Offset shared an Instagram picture to disclose that her wife Cardi B got a new tattoo of his name ‘offset ‘ on the back of her thigh

    Cardi B is a multitalented American singer, actress, rapper, etc. and Cardi B is her professional name while her real name is Belcalis Marlenis. She is married to a very famous American singer, songwriter, and rapper and professionally known as Offset. Currently, this couple is in the news not for their work but their love. Cardi B has got a new tattoo to show her love towards her husband.


    She has a tattoo of her husband name ‘offset’ on the back of her thigh.

    Offset is very proud of her wife again, and he revealed about her tattoo through a screenshot of their video call in which Cardi B is showing her leg to reveal a tattoo of name Offset, on his Instagram.

    Offset put the drooling face emoji on the top of his face in the picture, and then he captioned the post,
    β€œCAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘….”

    Previously, offset also got the tattoo of Cardi B name onto his neck, and now Cardi B has got a tattoo of Offset name on the back of her thigh.

    The couple got married in 2017, and recently they have celebrated their first child Kulture’s first birthday, and they said :

    “It’s our first child together, so it’s a big celebration,”

    They are celebrating their good time with their own family.