Casualty fans are furious after the show is taken off in last moment


    Casualty viewers were left disappointed after the cancellation of the drama at the last moment. Fans of medical drama casualty were angry after the BBC canceled the show to screen Wimbledon tennis instead.

    The BBC has been criticized for this. Frustrated viewers say TV scheduling “has gone to pot” after the broadcaster prioritized Wimbledon on Saturday evening.

    Cause of cancellation

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    Purpose of the cancellation is Andy Murray and Serena Williams, whose mixed doubles match ran overtime. Fans rushed to social media to show their anger over the change in schedule. One said: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to tennis for ruining my Saturday evening.”

    Another user added: “come on, BBC, first you mess with Holby and now a casualty. We are not all sports fans if tennis is so important, but casualty on BBC 2 but tell us what’s going on!”

    Broadcaster India Willoughby said non-tennis fans were “stuffed on a Saturday night” because of the wall to wall tennis coverage. “you cannot be serious,” she added.

    Will casualty be rescheduled?


    Well the BBC has not yet officially confirmed anything about the rescheduling of the casualty drama. It may also be possible that the BBC will pick up next Saturday at the usual time.

    Unfortunately, casualty viewers missed out on seeing Lain Dean have his recovery from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was tested when a news appeal reveals seven-year-old Frankie had gone missing out without any clue — lain connected with Frankie in casualty’s paramedic special when he answered a 999 call from the young girl. Who was trapped in a house fire with her younger sister, storm and drunk, unconscious dad? Lain visited Frankie after she was rescued. And he came to realize how his childhood with alcoholic mom Kim had affected him in a corrupt manner.

    Least we can do is hope. So let’s hope fans will get to watch what happens in the story soon…