Chandler Powell Asks Bindi Irwin To Marry Him: A Six Year Long Relationship


    Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell dropped the news on twitter with a post where Bindi was wearing the engagement ring. The pic dropped on twitter showed a good look at the engagement ring. 


    Irwin and Powell have been dating for a close about six years. Bindi was celebrating her 21st birthday when Chandler asked her to marry. Bindi said she was extremely happy and said yes. She also wrote in her snap that how adventurous and wonderful her life has been ever since she has been dating him.

    Irwin and Powell met at the Australian zoo where Irwin’s family work. It just so happened that when Powell went to visit the zoo, Irwin was giving the tour. The couple hit it off, and here we are six years forward. Irwin was very joyous telling people that she and Chandler are now married. She added that this day goes for lifetime friendship and unconditional love. Irwin says that she can’t wait to spend her whole life with her soulmate. The couple has been together for six years and has been happy ever since.

    Chandler explains the proposal as the perfect day of his life too. Powell planned the proposal perfectly. The couple was enjoying their visit to Australian zoo for Bindi’s 21st birthday. Powell before the shoot took Bindi to a special place and took out the ring. He shares that these past five years have been the best of his life.

    Bindi and Chandler both are very happy with their decision. They both have spent their life together for a long time to come up with the engagement decision. Irwin’s mother also loves Powell and tweets out her happiness. Irwin’s mother is very happy that Chandler Bindi to marry him. Irwin told that she couldn’t be happier of her decision of saying yes.