Channing Tatum and Jessie J’s adorable PDA


    The News

    The Step Up actor Channing Tatum and Jessie J created buzz over the internet yesterday when Jessie J posted lovely PDA pictures on her Instagram story. It is being heard that the couple is been dating since October 2018.

    The Instagram PDA of stars

    So yesterday the famous singer and songwriter Jessie J posted a couple of black and white pictures. The first picture we saw Jessie resting her head on Channing, in the second we saw a playful side where Jessie was posing as if she will lick Channing’s face now and lastly on the third picture Jessie drew a heart in the picture. The photos were so adorable and sweet, fans went gaga over it.

    Image credits: Popsugar

    Jessie J previously revealed that they were rumored to be dating even before they actually had feelings for each other which in a way created a pressure. She also said that recently they had a vacation and it was really great. The power couple is always seen happy whenever snapped, Channing has a 6-year-old daughter Everly and Jessie J finds her lovely! We can’t get enough of both of them and surely will keep an eye to get more such sweet PDA’s if possible.

    Image credits: Women’s Health

    A brief overview of them

    Channing Tatum the 39-year actor gained success through movies like Step Up, Magic Mike had a divorce after having a 9year long marriage with Jeena Dewan. It was heartbreaking for some but they along with it. After that, he was seen dating with Jessie J who is a great singer known for “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Who you are” etc. Jessie J claimed to be bisexual to which she, later on, claimed that it was a phase for her. Jessie J once said that the things she looks in for a man like humor, hygiene, responsible Channing have all of them.