Charles Levin, Seinfeld actor, found dead after five day search in Oregon


    Charles Levin, 70, was reported missing by his son on 8 July after apparent no contact for several days. The Seinfeld actor lived in the city of Grants Pass in Oregon and warning bells rang when the actor’s son had had no contact from him for several days.

    Remains found in rugged terrain:

    According to reports, the actor preferred solitude and was always in the company of his dog Boo Boo Bear and owned a 2012 Fiat. Fox reports that after a five-day search, human remains have been found in a remote area in Oregon. The police, on Saturday, found Levin’s car in an abandoned and impassable road. The vehicle was sighted by a local resident and immediately reported it to the Oregon police.

    In addition to the finding of the car, the police, unfortunately, found remains of Levin’s fawn coloured pug dog Boo Boo Bear. But even after confirming the dog’s remains, the police couldn’t find any trace of the actor for several hours.

    A detailed search of the steep and rugged terrain nearby finally led to the finding of some human remains after a few hours. Police have said that after careful examination of the area it is very likely that the remains belong to Levin.

    “Based on the circumstances, there is a high probability that the remains are those of Charles Levin,” the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

    “The final identification of the remains will be completed by the Medical Examiner.”

    The details of the death and the consecutive measures will be taken after the confirmation of identification.

    Levin played a part in many Hollywood films and shows including one episode in Seinfeld in 1993. He also starred in ‘Alice’, ”Hill Street Blues’, ”Doogie Howser, M.D.’, and ‘Night Court’.