Christopher Cukor’s racist behaviour took over the internet.


    Who is Christopher Cukor? What did he do?

    Christopher Cukor the name is all over social media right now, he is no celebrity, but there is something he did that made this name viral within a few hours. He has been identified as a YouTube employee.
    So recently a video went viral where we see Christopher claiming a black man to be a trespasser. Christopher himself is white in complexion, the black man is identified as Wesley Michael. Wesley was waiting for his friend outside. Christopher allegedly blames him just because he is a black man and demands that he should call his friend to prove so, Wesley doesn’t see the need for so.

    Christopher’s Son

    Christopher further threatens to call the cops and dials 911 in front of him. His son, who is with him, is seen in the video asking and begging his father not to do so. The child says, “ Daddy, I believe him, please let’s go,” but the man seems to be determined to be racist and for no reason create drama. Wesley even warns him that he is going to be the next white person to do such, and the result will not be good.
    And later when Wesley’s friend comes, Christopher tries to move away.

    Image Credits: That’s Tea

    Social media reaction

    In today’s world, where everyone is moving towards a more accepting and equal society. People were disappointed on such racist behavior that too in San Francisco. People started sharing the video and asking to reveal his identity and to give him necessary judgment. Christopher within hours began to remove his working place from social media, but thanks to LinkedIn, he was identified as a YouTube employee. Hopefully, some legal action is taken against the person so that such mishap doesn’t happen anymore, and people live with peace and love.