Civil Case Against Kevin Spacey Has Been Dropped After Unavailability of the Complaining Witness


    A criminal case against Hollywood veteran actor Kevin Spacey has been dropped due to the unavailability of the complaining witness. The man who accused him, name not known, of assault has pleaded the Fifth Amendment right.

    The “House of Cards” actor, was accused of floundering a young man at Nantucket bar that took place in July 2016. In connection with the same, Kevin Spacey faced criminal charge involving battery and assault. The prosecutors from Massachusetts on Wednesday dropped the case, pleaded not guilty. But if by any chance, the “American Beauty” is convicted then he may suffer five years in prison.

    The Academy Award-winning actor has been linked to various sexual assault accusations, but none of them were charged. The Nantucket case is only one that had resulted in a criminal case.

    The accuser refused to testify about a missing phone that could somehow prove the actor’s innocence. In a July 8 pre-trial hearing the disappeared phone was focused that was a shred of prime evidence. The phone contains text messages and a short video, that accuser sent to his girlfriend. A judge from Nantucket ordered to accuser’s mother to turn over the phone. On the other hand, Spacey’s defense team has claimed that the evidence has been deleted. The accuser has testified that he hasn’t removed anything, it is just that phone is missing.

    Also earlier this month the accuser claimed that he would be dropping the case against the actor.