Civil Lawsuit against Kevin Spacey, accuser forced to testify


    Kevin Spacey’s accuser from 2016 is asked for his mobile phone by Massachusetts judge to check for the evidence in favor of Kevin.

    Kevin Spacey, 59 an American actor,  producer and singer from South Orange, New Jersey, U.S.  He began his career by working as a stage actor in 1980s than in supporting roles in film and TV. One of his initial works is when he played spear carrier in a New York Shakespeare Festival performance of Henry VI, Part 1in 1981. Spacey received Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as depressed Suburban father.

    Previous assault charges

    The actor has been accused of sexual abuse not only this time. When Spacey was 26, and Anthony Rapp was 14 in 1986, Spacey was intoxicated and later in 2017 Rapp accused him of sexual abuse. Kevin explained that he didn’t know clearly what happened and if something like that happened his sincerest apology is there for Rapp is he behaved so.

    After that almost 15 complains were filed for the same of different people from the industry.

    Civil Lawsuit against Kevin Spacey

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    The case which is still going on and in the ears of everyone in the case from 2016. Where an 18-year boy accused Spacey of groping him. While he was drunk probably at Club Car Restaurant on Nantucket. Spacey suggested that he’s not guilty to a charge of incident assault and battery.

    The accuser filed a civil lawsuit against the actor last week. The accuser has been forced to testify with his missing phone. The judge has ordered if the phone will not be present as demanded by Kevin’s lawyer then the accuser’s parents,  the accuser himself and his lawyer must be present on Monday.

    The accuser stated that the phone has been missing and they are trying to recover the lost data.