Clay Jensen could be arrested in Season 3 of ’13 Reasons Why’


    The end of season two of popular Netflix show, ’13 Reasons Why’ left the audience with a lot of questions. The main concern is about Clay Jensen, the protagonist of the show who was left in a compromising position.

    Season 2 ended with Tyler having a mental breakdown who then proceeds to pull out a gun and plans to murder his classmates during the Homecoming Dance, but Clay shows up and talks some sense into him. The police then shows up but in the process of helping his friend, the gun ends up in his hand and the show ends in a cliffhanger.

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    The question is, does Clay get arrested because of this mishap? If we take the characters into consideration, Alex’s dad is a police officer who will probably show up at the scene, and Clay might just have a chance to explain the incident and redeem himself. Worst case scenario, Clay takes the blame so as to help Tyler, and ends up getting arrested. Alex himself can help Clay because he was already informed about Tyler’s plan and was asked to keep everyone safe.

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    Although Clay might take the blame for this incident, there are eye witnesses who can prove otherwise. This is where Jessica comes in. She finally rekindled her romance with her lover, Alex after a stressful year. She already has information about Tyler’s plan and could easily corroborate Clay’s story. She could help Clay who has become her friend because of everything that they’ve been through together.

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    Tony, who has helped Clay on many occasions and this one, takes Tyler away in his car after he is warned about Tyler’s plan. This leaves Clay with the gun on the scene. Although, Clay could take the blame for this because he did take a vow to help anyone who’s in trouble, after what happened to Hannah Baker.

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    If Tyler does get arrested in place of Clay, what does that mean for Montgomery and the other basketball players who perpetuated the horrifying rape incident? The truth has to come out eventually.

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    This season will focus on the characters more than on the case filed by Hannah’s parents against Liberty High. Season 3 has no release date yet, and the production has not started but it has been confirmed that Kathrine Langford has made her exit and will not be returning for the third season.