Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; Eddie Murphy to sit along with Jerry Seinfeld.


    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee have been renewed for its 11th season, and this time it seems like we will have dream guest in its inaugural episode. It has been confirmed that Eddie Murphy will drive along with Jerry Seinfeld and we are anxious to see it.

    To talk about the show, it is an American web series which is hosted as well as directed by one of the wealthiest comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. It focuses on new comedians being Jerry in constant. He brings a new car every time in which the invited comedian or actors talk to each other while driving and ultimately having a meal in a fancy restaurant.

    This web series is a light entertainment show in which we will find casual but entertaining talks. Here, Jerry Seinfeld invites famous comedians and we can sense their bonds with each other while having a lovely time on their way to the restaurant. The duration of the show is a quarter of an hour or a little bit more in some other episodes.

    Jerry Seinfeld

    It premiered on 19, 2012 and since then it has published ten seasons and has been renewed for the upcoming season. Earlier it was distributed by digital network named Crackle, but since tenth season it has been posting its content on Netflix.

    Since the show uses fancy and expensive vehicles to reach the destination, it has come out of the studio system. The destination is usually an elite restaurant in places like New York, D.C., or California.

    In the 11th season, we will see a wide range of guests as now Netflix has owned the show and is expected to be more prominent in scale.