Controversial Suicide Scene Is Removed From 13 Reasons Why but Fans Angry?


    13 Reasons Why is a popular web series created by Netflix. The show already has two seasons, and the third is supposed to release this year. The show depicts an emotional journey of a young teenager Hannah Baker. It was an overnight success, and it gained both positive and negative reviews. Netflix has now officially edited the suicide scene of Hannah from season 1 after it generated a lot of controversies.

    Suicide Scene Removed

    Although critics praised the show, health advocates were against the show for depicting such harsh scenes. According to the health advocates, that 13 Reasons Why was the cause of high teen suicide cases. In April 2017, the rate of suicide among teenagers of 10 to 17 raised after the show’s release. Some school officials also warned the parents of the kids about the show.


    Original Scene

    Hannah Baker is a depressed young girl who goes through emotional turmoil in her school life. The girl finally decides to end her life. In season 1, Netflix depicted the suicide of Hannah in a very detailed manner. In that three minutes long scene, Hannah looks at herself in the mirror, and after that, she takes up a razor to cut her wrist while sitting in a bathtub. Hannah gasps for breath as gradually her body sinks into the blood-filled water. Later, Hannah’s mother discovers her body.

    The episode containing this particular scene had a warning to younger viewers and also mentioned about the graphic exhibition of violence and suicide.

    Edited Scene

    Owing to several controversies, Netflix finally edited that suicide scene, which created a lot of furor. Netflix has said that they were aware of the debate, and before the launch of the third season, they want to settle it down. With the advice of the medical board, they decided to edit the scene.


    In the edited scene, Hannah looks herself in the mirror, and then her parents find her suicide. There is no detailed description of her suicide. Netflix will also keep an eye on any of the pirated files of the unedited scene. The scene is now officially removed and edited from season 1.

    This is indeed a huge take on Netflix’s part, and it shows how much they care about their younger audience. Here’s looking forward to 13 Reasons Why Season 3.