Creators Discussed to Decapitate the Captain America’s Head Off in Avengers Endgame


    Avengers Endgame has been a blockbuster this summer and brought the whole new different level movie-going experience. `The movie was mind-blowing but left with despair. The death of iconic characters like Iron Man and Black Widow left Marvel fans heartbroken, but you don’t know, the creators planned something different, something more disturbing.
    During the time of Endgame’s development, there was a discussion which was put forward that included decapitating Captain America, aka Steve Rogers. Upsetting right?
    This proposed idea of cutting off Rogers’ head was revealed by Avengers Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely today in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.
    This Captain America’s decapitating idea was meant to be annexed into the third act of the movie where the 2014 Thanos travel to 2023 to fight the Avengers. When the 2014 Nebula replaced the present Nebula to go back in 2023, she did things to transport the mad Titan and his army to 2023. But at the same time, it was discussed that 2014 Thanos pays a visit to 2014 Avengers in New York facility and do the insane thing that would if happened will freak out so many Marvel fans. Thanks, the worse scene didn’t happen.
    Stephen McFeely said in an interview, ‘I think the idea was maybe he had even gone to the Earth of his own time, destroyed it, killed the Avengers, and waited until opened the rift, and he would walk out… It was The Hellscape. Giant Man’s body would be behind him, the Avengers have all just been destroyed, and he throws something out in front of the Avengers, and they go, ‘Oh my God, it’s Steve’s head.’
    Yeah, that will follow the new alternate timeline and the present Rogers, as aforementioned by Christopher Markus, Rogers will still dance with Peggy, but he would be freakily creeped out.