Creators Overcooked the Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort From Real-Events


    Netflix on July 31, 2019, launched a new spy thriller movie based on real events, titled The Red Sea Diving Resort. The movie is charismatic and thrilling in one hand, but on the other hand, the inability to provide full detail and omitting historical parts has made the film to receive mixed reviews.

    The Red Sea Diving Resort is a Netflix film written and directed by Gideon Raff. It brings the real events from Operation Brothers; the evacuation of Ethiopian Jewish refugees from Sudan to Israel. The Mossad agents led by Levinson drew a plan to purchase a resort that had been opened by a gathering of Italians 10 years ago. And they use it as a front while they complete their tasks in Sudan, enabling them to sneak the outcasts from the bank of Sudan to Israel through boat or via airlifts.

    The real-life drama was highly influenced by a cinematic complex that eventually made the movie a mess. The film overcooks the scene and incident that was happened in real. Chris Evans, known for playing an iconic character Captain America, leads the cast as Ari Levinson, a Mossad agent determined to migrate the Ethiopian Jewish refugees to safety in Israel. But the problem here is, the actor is still ain’t over with superhero and kinds of stuff. There is a heck of dialogues and activities in the film that looks like creators have crossed the limit to visualize real-life events. The film shows Evans is only a man who can rescue all like an angel and sometimes in a movie it is shown the same. The film runs between the movies like Argo and Munich, but the fact to care is a lot of strokes have been changed.

    In a real event, in the process of carrying Ethiopian Jewish refugees, Sudanese officers shot Mossad agents thinking them as smugglers that led to switching the evacuation through the air. But in the film (trying to give cinematic twist), Ari, the central character goes to U.S. Embassy in Sudan for aiding them with a plane. Neither the fact about the reason for Ethiopian Jewish refugees needs to migrate isn’t mentioned in the film nor about the Ethiopian Civil War.

    Well, honestly the development of film is terrible but promises the sense of humanity and heroism in the movie.