Cruel father burns his 9 year old daughter’s hand as a punishment


    Felipe Casanova Jr. burned his daughter’s hand over a gas stove as a punishment

    39-year-old Felipe Casanova lived in Bartow, Florida with his three children. After burning her 9 year old daughter’s hand over a gas stove, he entered a not guilty plea in the court.

    According to the reports, a teacher at Stephens Elementary got worried and informed the police after she saw the girl at school with a bruise on her left eye and a significant burn on her right palm.

    The girl’s father did this to teach her a lesson, he placed his daughter’s hand over the hot stove and told her, “this is what will happen when you steal.” The girl was accused by his father of stealing snacks and a few dollars from his wallet for buying food at the school.

    After the investigations, it was concluded that the child sustained the black eye when she tried to fight back and pulled her hand away from the hot stove but eventually tripped over a stool that was kept nearby.

    Felipe has been locked up in the Polk County jail, but he plans to fight the felony aggravated child abuse charge that he is facing now. He told the officers that according to him, he did the right thing because his mother was strict and used the same form of punishment on him.

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    However, Deputy Chief Bryan Dorman said that “It’s wrong in 1979 when this gentleman was born, It’s wrong in 2019. Putting your hand over a stove for a child to get burned, under any circumstances is unacceptable,”.

    Dorman also told that he was fuming with anger and got his best feelings only when Felipe was sent to the jail.

    Also, after this incident, the Bartow police department reminded people that if you see something, say something just like what the teacher did.